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About Brown's

Brown’s produces a variety of accessories to complement our range of trusses. We have base plates, cubes and corners for every truss we make, as well as specialty items such as the 3-way Plasma Screen adaptor, and hanging brackets for video projectors. We also make a range of basic lighting accessories, such as floor stands and T-bars. If you don’t see what you need here, give us a call!

300mm box truss
300m box truss

Download a CAD drawing of 300mm box truss (PDF 430KB)

300mm flat truss
300mm flat truss
Download a CAD drawing of 300mm flat truss (PDF 375KB)
3 metre circle
CircularTriangular truss available in diameters from 1.5m to 15m
Download a CAD drawing of a 3m circular Tri truss (PDF 370KB)
Circle of 400mm truss
Circular 400mm truss
90 degree Tri truss vertical corner
available with vertex in (as shown) or vertex out
Download a CAD drawing of a 90deg vertical corner (PDF 106KB)


6 way cube for 300mm Tri truss system - allows up to 6 Tri truss connections
Download a CAD drawing of a 6 way cube (PDF 125KB)
400mm truss gates

2 - 6 way corner blocks for 500mm Box truss system

plasma hanger

3-way Plasma Screen Hanger - allows 3 x 50" plasma screens to be rigged from a single vertical 300mm Triangular truss
Download a CAD drawing of a Plasma Screen hanger (PDF 160KB)

1m diameter ring for 300mm Triangular Truss


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Last updated: Wednesday August 24, 2011