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Showtech Rigging Supports Adelaide Festival

When the 2004 Adelaide Festival realized they needed an outdoor performance area that would provide a showcase for some of the many performers that were appearing and also serve as the main party area for late night revelers, they turned to Showtech Rigging Australia. Showtech are renowned for their expertise in specialized rigging applications, and given the stage was to be installed outdoors in a public area for three weeks, specialized expertise was certainly required.

Festival Club during fit-up

Showtech Rigging are old friends of Brown’s Precision Welding, and already had large stocks of the 400mm Box Truss. All they needed was a ground support system to go with it. The Multi-Function Tower was perfect for their requirements, as their existing truss stocks could be used for both leg sections and to provide the grid above.

The other big advantage for Showtech was that the sleeve blocks on the Multi Function Tower could be adapted to suit all their existing truss stocks, giving them a ground support system that could be scaled up or down for any occasion.

Adelaide Fsetival Club in full swing

For the Adelaide Festival, Showtech used 400mm Box Truss to construct the grid above the main performance area, with an upstage-downstage truss supporting a section of 300mm tri truss, used to provide some extra lighting coverage for the midstage areas.

As the photos show, the area certainly ended up serving its purpose - looks like a great place for a party!

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