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Jands at Westfield Bondi Junction

Westfield's Bondi Junction site has undergone a massive transformation as part of a $680 million dollar re-development. Unlike most Westfield shopping centres, the new Bondi Junction is designed to appeal to single, inner-city dwellers, not the traditional suburban shopping centre audience, and the design reflects this shift in focus.

This modern design presented some problems for Jands, who were contracted to supply lighting and audio for the ELP (Entertainment and Leisure Precinct), and other selected areas throughout the centre. The spaces they had to work in were a mix of curves and straight lines over multiple levels, making rigging positions difficult.
Truss at Westfield Bondi Junction

Because of this, Jands came up with a completely new design, in conjunction with Brown's, solving their problem of needing a low-profile, weight-bearing truss that could service lighting, video and audio requirements, and maintain a very high-quality finish, in keeping with the stylish surrounds.

The truss they designed was 600mm wide and only 350mm deep, and incorporated chain motor bracing plates to allow the motors to connect directly with the truss. This eliminated the need to wrap the truss with steels or spansets, which would’ve been visible from ground level, something the designers wanted to avoid at all costs.

Motor brackets inside truss structure
Truss showing extra lighting rail

An extra, dedicated lighting rail was also added, to enable Jands to position the lights well away from ceiling finishes and still have rigging positions available for speakers and screens.

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