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Multifunction Towers at Symphony Under the Stars

The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra regularly perform outdoor concerts at both ends of the main island, in venues that have no rigging infrastructure for lighting and sound systems. Production Works, who had previously been using scaffold towers and heavy lift cranes to elevate their sound reinforcement systems for outdoor productions, were amongst the very first customers for the Brown's Multifunction Tower.

Tolosa Park Hobart

Tolosa Park HobartHaving been in discussions with Brown's Welding throughout the development of the towers, the system purchased by Production Works is capable of being assembled in a range of configurations to suit the wide variety of work that is called for from one of Tasmania's only full-service production companies. Configured to fit in with Production Works' existing truss systems and chain motors, their Multifunction Towers provide maximum additional operational flexibility at the minimum possible cost.

The photographs show the first two gigs for the Multifunction Tower system, both for the TSO's Symphony Under the Stars season. At Tolosa Park in Hobart (above), the towers were used to support speaker clusters on either side of the stage and a Front Of House lighting truss immediately downstage of the cloth shell. In Launceston, on the banks of the Esk river (below), the towers were used to support the speaker clusters either side of the temporary tent structure that housed the orchestra players.

On the ESK in Launceston
Cluster ready to fly

Little-known fact: The state of Tasmania is actually an archipelago of approximately three hundred islands.

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