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500mm Stacking Truss System

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Brown's 500mm Alloy Stacking Truss is 500mm centre to centre on the bottom chords, and only 250mm centre to centre on the top chords. The bottom chords are braced using removable snap-lock bracing bars, allowing truss sections to be stacked one on top of the other, saving huge amounts of truck and storage space.

For example, 8 x 3 metre sections of the truss can be stacked on a dolly, with the total height being only 2050mm, and the width approximately 550mm (including dolly). In standard trucks, this would allow 4 dollys to be stored side-by-side, putting 32 sections of 500mm truss into only 3m of truck space!

Because it is so easy to transport, Brown's 500mm Alloy Stacking Truss is perfect for small shows, but is also designed with large shows in mind. It can support a massive 6,096 Kilograms point-load over a 3m span, and 7,706 Kilograms uniform distributed load over 3m! That's actually more than the standard 500mm Box Truss! This enormous weight loading allows the Stacking Truss to be used for 18 metre spans while still supporting useful loads. Full engineering specifications are available upon request.

Setting up the 500mm Alloy Stacking Truss is a breeze. One person can wheel 8 sections of 3m truss into the venue, thanks to the dolly, saving time and your loader's backs! Once it is in position, the bracing bars (stored in the top of the truss) can be quickly accessed and put into place. At the end of the night, the braces are stored in the top of the truss for transport.

The coupler system used to connect the truss makes setting up quick and easy, and no spanners are required. A full range of accessories including corners, gates, bases and dollies are also available.

Brown's Precision Welding manufactures all trusses to Australian Standard 1665:2004 (Welding of Aluminium Structures)

8 x 3m lengths stacked on a dolly
Eight 3m lengths of truss stacked on a dolly (enlarge image)
Braces in storage for transport
Coupler system
32 x 3m lengths in a small truck
96m of 500mm truss in just 3m of truck depth (enlarge image)
Download CAD drawings of the Stacking Truss System (PDF 240KB)

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Last updated: Wednesday August 24, 2011