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400mm Box Truss system

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400mm box trussBrown’s 400mm Box Truss is supplied with our unique aluminium coupler joining system as standard, making it the most versatile truss in our range, and one of the strongest 400mm profile trusses available. Designed for spans of up to 12 metres, it’s perfect for large shows with lots of moving lights.
The coupler system adds strength and reduces set-up time. Corners and t-joints are also simpler and cheaper, thanks to the use of gates instead of complicated corner sections.

The 400mm Box Truss also forms the basis of our Multi-Function Tower, the truly versatile ground support system.

Available in the following standard lengths:
0.75m, 1.0m, 1.50m, 2.0m, 2.25m, 2.50m, 3.0m

Don't forget, other sizes and circles are available upon request.

1m x 400mm Box truss
Circle of 400mm truss
3m length 400mm truss
circle of 400mm truss
Download CAD drawings & full technical specifications (PDF 240KB)
Brown's Precision Welding manufactures all trusses to Australian Standard 1665:2004 (Welding of Aluminium Structures)
Assembly details for truss system
90 Degree Corner Gates assembly example
Download more details on truss assembly (PDF 200KB)
Assembly details for truss system
T-Section Gates assembly example
Download more details on truss assembly (PDF 200KB)
400mm truss gates

90 Degree Corner Gates T-Section Gates
One benefit of the advanced coupler system employed in our 400mm truss, is the lower cost of the corner and T-joins possible using our gate system
Download more details on gates (PDF 220KB)

Coupler system for 400mm trussing

Box Truss Coupler System component detail
Manufactured from 2011-T6 Alloy for high strength and durability.
Allows for faster setup and greater load bearing capabilities.
Download a CAD drawing of the couplers (PDF 270KB)

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Last updated: Wednesday August 24, 2011