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At Brown's we are constantly searching for new ideas and better ways to do things, resulting in a steady stream of new products being released. We always ensure we are meeting Australian Standards and have independent engineer's reports prepared where appropriate prior to release, making sure we get it right the first time.

You'll find information on some of our most recent products below.


Tri Truss to Mac Adaptor Plates

Mac Adaptor mounted on vertical 300mm Tri-Truss

Brown’s Precision Welding introduces a long overdue innovation – a plate to suit 300mm Tri Truss and Martin’s enormously popular Mac range of moving lights.

Designed to quickly and easily attach Mac moving head fixtures to the end of vertical sections of 300mm Tri Truss, Brown's Mac Adaptor Plates are a quick and easy solution suitable for use in corporate and entertainment settings alike.

Made from steel and powdercoated black, the plates are sturdy and hard-wearing, and attach directly to the omega clamps used by the Macs.  High tensile bolt sets are used to attach the plates through the existing holes in the Tri Truss, providing the safest rigging option and ensuring your lights are well balanced and stable.  

The plates are designed to be as low profile and unobtrusive as possible, almost disappearing into the truss when attached, providing the neatest and safest choice for mounting Macs to vertical truss.   

Currently adaptor plates are available for the entire Martin Mac range of moving head fixtures, and other manufacturer's lights can be accommodated on request.

Contact us for more information about this adaptor or inquiries about custom adaptors for your needs .

Projector suspension brackets

Peace symbol truss system

Recognising a need within the ever-growing AV industry for flexible hanging methods for video projectors, Brown's have developed an innovative range of brackets to suit most popular brands. Designed to be hung from industry standard lighting truss, these heavy duty brackets are built from steel and TIG welded for strength. Each model features adjustable pan and tilt with sturdy lock-off mechanisms, ensuring your projector will stay where you point it the first time.
We currently have models to suit –
    Sony PX-35
    Sony PX-40
    Sony FX-51
    Panasonic 7400e
    Panasonic 7500e
    Panasonic 7600e
    (further models to be posted shortly)

If you don't see your projector here, contact us to discuss a custom bracket that meets your requirements.

The truss at work on the production

500mm Alloy Stacking Truss

Stacking Truss

Developed to save truck and storage space and loading in/out times, Brown's 500mm Alloy Stacking Truss is a clear winner. 8 sections can be stacked on a single dolly, with removable snap-lock arms stored on top for transport, and 4 dollies will fit across a standard 5-ton truck. That's a lot of truss!

See the 500mm Alloy Stacking Truss page for more details.


Multi Function Tower

Multi Function Tower

Built around the concepts of flexibility and usability, the Multi Function Tower is a ground support system that utilizes our standard 400mm Box Truss for leg sections. This means your legs can be out earning you money as a standard truss when the ground support is not required. The Rolling Block can also be adapted to suit any industry standard truss, making the Multi Function Tower one of the most flexible systems of it's kind today.

See the Multi Function Tower page for more details.


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